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hollister uk jobs liverpool Perhaps you are now displaced , living off so-so , holding 2-3 thousand wages, a TV watching a computer play , this is enough , but where is the future ? Please be patient and read the following words , you may find some help ! !

Each year, the manufacturing sector will absorb a large part of university graduates , young professionals in these fortunate to find a job , hopes for the future , when their predecessors - have been working hard for a few years senior Shijie Men in manufacturing - but With deep concern , they do not know what will happen next ? They do not know when they will be abandoned ?

O -shaped intersection career

No matter what kind of business , university graduates enter them engaged in research and development, operations , production, procurement , personnel and other work must learn from from zero . Two or three years later, these students will be from the reservoir dry positions , technicians , engineers, executives do slowly , wages from 2K, 3K into 5K. Looks has a good career , but in fact they are in hollister uk jobs liverpool most people's jobs will stay in this stage of engineers and executives , wages will remain at about 3K to 4K, after hard to progress . From executives to managers, wage developments to 5K for the vast majority of college students are more difficult to achieve . When most people stay down on the road ahead, they will endlessly circulating in O -shaped intersection of his career, no end in sight , the date appears in the end, it is likely that they are being abandoned .

A company , the most technical content and maximize profits is R & D and business, but manufacturing companies are often just a foundry workshop. Those foreign-funded enterprises , their R & D and sales center are placed abroad, just as Chinese companies manufacturing sectors . Although these companies in the country also has a research and development center and sales center, but the original design of the product are completed in foreign and domestic R & D personnel only to receive the drawings , and then arrange the mold , the product is achieved. In this case , the domestic R & D engineers to achieve more precisely just a product technician , as design methods, design concepts, engineering skills and not their relationship , they also difficult to hollister uk jobs liverpool grasp the real core technologies. Sales Center features more established foreign companies in a single country , mainly business people turn to receive foreign manufacturing orders, and track orders to ensure the completion of shipments, sales techniques, marketing , market development which are insulated with them. The domestic private enterprises in these areas is more unbearable .

Other related product manufacturing such as production , quality control, production management , procurement and other positions , including technical content or lower the value of employees. Low-tech means that the threshold is low, it means that irreplaceable low threshold is low, it means low irreplaceable high possibility of being eliminated . In the enterprise, production, quality control , production management , purchasing staff is fired up to be the boss , and you still go to work the morning , afternoon and personnel will notify you probably leave . Manufacturing company dedicated personnel to do is recruit people every day , or that low wages to recruit people , not committed to retain people, because some of the new graduates on the job market cheap . That year, you spent a year or so you can easily do the positions held , then your Shidishimei Why not? Especially in foreign-funded enterprises , they tend to recruit a monthly salary of more than 10 university graduates , two years later , when his salary needs to grow , to be replaced, and then recruit a graduate , so cyclical , the labor costs to a minimum . The core competitiveness of these enterprises is cheap labor costs.

The old saying afraid of the wrong men , want to change jobs after the entry of the difficulty is obvious. When you get into the possibility of manufacturing industry, and then transferred to other industries is very low. You can only turn in this industry , if someday the centrifugal force is too large , the circle is thrown , it would be the beginning of all tragedy. When the city industrial upgrading, middle-aged self and how you upgrade ? When the plant relocation , your family and I began to do migratory birds ? When the company closed , has been significantly Did you rich state began running in all the talent market , Wu Nai endure dirty looks and recruiters , to compete with those just out of school hollister uk jobs liverpool students ? The case of manufacturing companies generally lack the training to enhance the mechanism , in the company of middle students in the company did not irreplaceable role , limited and demanding senior positions , then those who have a lot of good throughout the growing demand for talent under the new expectations of job seekers dropping , the middle layer in front into the road without the embarrassment of being chase , losing their living space looks like the day is not far away . The waves pushed forward waves before the waves can only really afraid of the dead on the beach .

You know you're not in a big pot or iron rice bowl industry , riding a boat when adverse environmental appear if you can ensure that those people must have been abandoned without you ?

Human social life is social isolation creatures, and future bleak compared to more people living in isolation facility inferiority and despair. You struggled upward , to emerge the existing hierarchy , eventually found to be so weak , and Love already old. When you get out of college to enter the factory , you will find yourself in the life of the world is so small, your range of motion is basically a factory , rental , supermarket. You and the production line every day to repeat the same work that the general workers and there is no difference . In addition to work and go to sleep, you are the most important activity is required to go to the supermarket to buy daily necessities . Other social life that is up with colleagues playing cards , drinking, you can not afford to build their own social resources. Your hard work alone in the field , there are not parents , relatives, colleagues in the same boat only a help when you need help, need to protect their own interests when the people around you are powerless . Your living area is so narrow , interpersonal looked so pale. One day, you leave the factory now go to another place , the existing colleagues and friends will be lost contact , you need to start over in the new company . That helpless wandering doomed always repeatedly painted circles of different sizes but similar shape .

Four seasons convert your overalls also rotate between summer and winter , you and all the foreigners were not significantly different. In the eyes of the locals you are just working it. If you are very optimistic, but added the company 's work clothes can be seen as a benefit , winter sets each , from Monday to Friday and Saturday wear , basically do not need to buy any more clothes . After all, you are free to wear their own clothes, days of the week and only then twelve days .

In addition , factory canteens providing meals a day hollister uk jobs liverpool will give employees a standard work about ten dollars a meal . Some companies meals deducted from the wages of employees , some companies are completely free of charge as a benefit . But cafeteria food is hard to swallow a lot of people are fully understood , moldy bread , no peeling potatoes, yellow vegetables, no way to verify the inferior oil, etc. , full of tricks . Employees can also be rented out at the weekend to improve the food yourself , live in dormitories only expect the occasional entertainment in the hotel 's it.

Quarters are mostly provided Quadruple eight world. Of course , the condition is far smaller than the University dormitory . A lot of people in order to have their own private space , preferring to spend three or four hundred dollars a month to rent a dozen square meters of the room , such as multi- room kitchen, health , balcony Trinity. Ants living in this house , then shut the door as if imprisoned in a closed cell, open the door to all things clear, there is no privacy. Then you will buy some of the utterly simple furnishings ,hollister uk jobs liverpool including essential goods tables, stools , hangers. And washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners is absolute luxury. First, the need to spend money , can not afford ; Then the room is too small , placed high. Also some married person a two or three crowded lived in this small house , the difference is relatively more complete some of the furniture . But here you can not give the feeling of home, you're just a tenant , you are just staying here , when you buy something you will always consider the future will not be too much trouble to move , you do not know if still here tomorrow. When the landlord needs to raise the rent , you do not have the ability to negotiate how much of either accepting the new rent , or on the move .

In this state of life, marriage becomes a problem faced by many students did not dare . Most of your living area determines your social person and like you, we suffered the same fate , no ability to love picking fruit . Factory about thirty singles cabinet family everywhere, do not want to get married, is unable to get married , who are afraid to face no house of marriage, custody of the child is afraid to think about the problem , is afraid to assume that poor and lowly misery in the future ! "Would rather sit in the BMW crying , do not want to sit in the bike laugh" sounds utilitarian , but also contains a frustration . If you are already married , it is best to let your child's school tangled and parents care. You just staying locally, your child does not a good public schools on those powers , or that you can not afford to pay so large a sum of the sponsorship fee , and the quality of teaching in private schools do not make you worry . After all , reading is the only change you can think of the future of their children straw . You have no choice but to your young children back home , back to my grandparents around to become children left behind . Weekly phone is your happiest moment , out of the child's laughter Kulei will ablation. You silently begging God in their hearts , so that their parents and children in peace , disease no disaster . Any little wind and rain can make your home into a quagmire just starting .

You can only go home once or twice a year look increasingly old parents and grown up children. Because no holiday ,hollister uk jobs liverpool because there is no deposit ,  because the road is too far back and forth inconvenience because all because . To survive, you leave home life for twenty years , but in their homes but unable to build a home of their own , like water, duckweed , no root , the heart can not be landed .

Where is tomorrow ? ( Short Literature Network www.duanwenxue.com)

Came to the city of the future college greatest hope is to get out of the cycle of life of poor parents , and turn yourself into a higher class, as Xia Yibei create a better starting point. But when you have an annual income of middle age , you can sell the value of their already depleted , while the city did not need you , you sad lonely back home, let your children from the beginning of your twenty or thirty years ago, re- starting , and then painted a circle like you ? As college students you can not change your fate , do not you can ensure that your next generation to go to college and be able to smoothly change the destiny ...... ?

Beginning of economic reforms, after the initial enrollment of university graduates , the economy is rising cycle , etc. These are easy to find work, especially so that a more satisfactory work *** , you can easily stop yourself from moving forward , but fifteen years , Twenty years later , the situation will be , and is now generally optimistic about this? Unemployment is really so far away it? When it comes, you will find that you have been abandoned by the whole world ! When the forty or so you lose your job , do not have any source of income , and how you will face aging parents , suffering attendant companion , seventeen -year-old child ? !

Big cities , the outside world is very exciting, this can only carry out the siege is difficult , as the work of college students do you have enough reserves to avoid part of your wonderful ending it? !

Advice: working only to survive ! Entrepreneurship is the only pursuit ! Success is the goal.

There are three platforms : You can create a platform ; also can buy a platform ; may also borrow a platform.

Concept of choice : work ( for survival ) ; market ( seeking business ) ; trend ( seeking to develop ) . Select more than effort ! Choose not to strive in vain.

Change : change yourself ; help others change ; changing environment. Only changes to their achievements .

If you now feel very touched , very realistic , and hold hollister uk jobs liverpool good stop and think about their future good where they are willing to hold two or three thousand , three thousand wages want to live peacefully , there are still their ideal society is cruel, Shige Shijie with their personal experience tells us that the ideal would be great to work in our lives to secure factory forgotten !

At this point you are not anti- think:

1, what my vision is ? ( I think a large part of the students do not know it, is blind , I also )

2 , where my next goal ? ( When you first figured the time, this is your eyes lies the problem , is that you begin to develop the plan. )

3 , I have the ability to do what ? ( This is one of the most critical issues , but also a secondary issue , because the ability to train when you have a clear vision and goals , as long as you persevere toward their ideals and goals hollister uk jobs liverpool around, naturally, the ability to to get the raise ! but now you have to recognize their ability , so as to set a good goal for yourself . )